C    O    M    E        H    O    M    E


In 2013, I left California.


I was tired, fighting for a space in the city I grew up in -- which felt increasingly like it wanted nothing to do with me. So I left for Boston, and Berklee-- on a whim, hoping to get a fresh start.


It was a 180. 


It felt like I didn't have to "prove" anything to anyone. I could be honest about who I was, and the music I made, and not have to bullshit in order to just do my thing on stage. I got the love and support  I'd been desperately looking for in Cali from Boston so readily--


And something was missing.


Even though California had never really given me the belonging I needed-- the truth was I had no love for myself, who I was, or what I did  in order to really fight for what I wanted. I missed my home, and I was stuck inbetween these two places.


Over the last two years I wrote this album as a reflection of that, and it's gone through a lot of changes. All I can tell you is it feels like me, and I really care deeply about the work. It's out for the exclusive price of "for free" for you guys to check out. Hope you like it.






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