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Raw and immediate, Zaid Tabani's music was born out of a mix of intense lyricism and powerful delivery. The Southern California native developed a relationship with rap music early on-- inspired by artists Tupac, Eminem, Mos Def, and Talib Kweli.


In 2010 Tabani's music was featured heavily in the EVO World Championship Finals, leading to a commercial with gaming giant Capcom. After a few years working heavily with the revitalized fighting game scene Tabani was accepted into Berklee College of Music as the 2nd person in history to every make it in on a rap audition.

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"Last night I had the best theatrical experience of my life. I saw In The Heights, performed by students of the Berklee Music School."

"In this episode of Inside Berklee, Tabani talks about his journey as a rapper, and the peaks and valleys that led him to the release of his new record, Bos Angeles..."

"Zaid Tabani might be known for his career-ending diss, but now he’s fighting to end the partisan struggle within socially conscious music"

"Tabani manages to combine battle-ready flow, smart lyricism, and soulful hooks into a conscious, self-aware package."

"Superstar rap beefs have become empty publicity ploys, but this right here? This is what it sounds like when someone gets ethered."

"Zaid Tabani has been a person to watch out for at Berklee"

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Yost Theater

Feat. Sean Kingston

Opened for Sean Kingston at the YOST THEATER in Santa Ana. 15 minute sent. Sold a large amount of tickets to the event through street promotion, and gained a 300+ email list from said promotion. 


Berklee Hip Hop Symposium Featuring Talib Kweli

Berklee Performance Center

Performed with the J DILLA Ensemble  to open for a conversation with Talib Kweli. Wrote and performed own original lyrics. Also served as a student ambassador to the event. 

In the Heights

Berklee Performance Center

Performed as the lead-- “Usnavi”-- for “In The Heights” at Berklee College of Music, as well as performed the original “A Prayer” during the encore. Performance for the show sold out for all three days, one of which was added due to high demand. Show garnered a rave review on

Berklee Storyteller's Showcase

David Friend Recital Hall

One of the 10 featured performers in the Berklee Storytellers showcase 2013. Performed the song “Parker”, and worked with faculty on presenting a strong presence at the event. 

The Takeover

House Of Blues Foundation Room

Performed at “The Takeover”, an event run by Berklee Students, at the House of Blues Boston Foundation Room. Event almost reached capacity. 

TheGLOVE’ TimeLine3

House of Blues

Opened the show performing a self written collaboration with Jscott Martin entitled “Space Jam”, and closed the show with a verse on the popular track “MOTHAS”.  

Berklee Hip Hop Showcase

Red Room Café 939

Performed with the J Dilla Ensemble and opened for the Narcysist. Wrote and performed original verses for the event.

Full Moon Zulu Event

Full Moon Restaurant

Performed at a large ZULU NATION event in coordination with the Boston Hip Hop alliance in Cambridge, MA. Opened for “Dinco D” and “Leaders of the New School” 

Sony A&R Showcase


Performed for Adam Alpert, CEO of Disruptor Records, in a showcase presented by the Berklee A&R Club.

HOTMUSIC PRO—A Benefit for HiggNew World Leaders

Middle East in Cambridge, MA

One of the two featured performers in the Hotmusic Pro event benefit, thrown to help after school art programs for underprivileged youth in MA. 

We Are Hip-Hop

Red Room at Cafe 939

Brought a 71 person+ crowd to show for an opening 25 minute set. Event was largely in coordination with the Boston Hip Hop alliance. 

Berklee Singers Showcase

Berklee Performance Center

First Rapper in history to be featured in the Berklee Singers Showcase. Performed the song Risk to a large audience. Video of the song reached top of HipHopHeads subreddit.

The Red Room

Cafe 939

Featured in a performance and discussion featuring J Smooth and Swiss Chris. Performed the original song “Charlie” 

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